The Rounder

Tim Stafford, Wayne Talor/Daniel House Music, BMI

Beneath the western sky on the way to Santa Fe
I met up with a rounder
Claimed he rode with Jesse James
They robbed the Glendale train

As we crossed the Texas plains, not a blessed word was said
Till we reached Amarillo
Then he raised his weary head
He said, "Son, I'll soon be dead

I have so much to tell you, but I'm left so little time
There's a place out in the Badlands
About a two day ride
It's not so hard to find

Frank and Jesse hold up in a cave for forty days
Took all that they could carry, then hid the rest away
Frank grew tired of living like a dog out on the run
And Jesse soon fell victim to a blast from Bob Ford's gun
Now I'm the only one"

His voice, it faltered there and soon he passed away
I laid him six feet under that hard West Texas clay
Then I rode away

I found everything he told me near a place they call Red Cloud
With the gold I found a letter
When I read I cried out loud
It said, "Your momma would be proud"

Some men are born to freedom while others come to fame
And some will leave with nothing
But a marker and their name
In the end it's all the same

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