Just Wondering Why

Jim & Jesse McReynolds/Central Songs, BMI

Tonight I'm alone, I'm thinking of you dear
For yesterday you told me goodbye
Oh why did you leave and where are you going
I'm hear all alone, just wondering why


I can't understand, sweetheart, why you left me
You told me your love would never die
Then you went away and left me so lonely
Now I'm all alone, just wondering

Wherever you go in this world my darling
I'll never think of no one but you
When you went away, you left me so lonely
And that's why today I'm feeling so blue

No I'll never break the chains that surround me
I'll never escape from your memory
When my time has passed and my life has gone by
I'll whisper your name, just wondering why

(repeat chorus)

Now I'm alone, just wondering why

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