Howling Wind

Tim Stafford/Daniel House Music, BMI

The wind through the trees is a cold, lonesome sound
It sounds like it must be alive
I wonder if it feels all the pain in its heart
The way I'm feeling it in mine

For many long years our home was so complete
Our children were so happy then
I was tempted and torn, my heart knew deceit
Please here me - how wrong could I have been?

No warm fire to keep my light from growing dim
No food, no shelter from the cold
How will I survive in the darkness all alone
I'm lost like a lamb cut from the fold

Tonight was the night our hearts were bound as one
So many happy years ago
But now the bonds are torn, my world is in despair
And the howling wind's the only friend I know

So just call my gone, I'll not live this life alone
Away from the comforts of my home
I'd rather be laid down in a box beneath the ground
And listen to that lonesome howling song

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