Good Time Blues

Aubrey Hold/Tulipland Publishing, BMI

Well I was born in a tumble-down shack
The youngest son of a mighty poor man
I wore hand-me-downs upon my back
And I picked cotton in the bottom land

Just fifteen I ran away from home
Wearing my daddy's only pair of shoes
Years have passed and I still roam
I'm never gonna lose these good time blues


These good time blues won't let me be
These good time blues are a part of me

Well I got me a letter about a year ago
It hit me hard, I broke down and cried
Said, "We thought you might want to know
That your daddy and your mamma they both have died"

Well I can't go back 'cause I'm too ashamed
They can see me coming just like bad news
I ain't got a nickel, not a penny to my name
But I've got my share of these good time blues

(repeat chorus)

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