Clear Cut

Tim Stafford, Wayne Talor, Shawn Lane, Jason Burleson, Rob Ickes/Daniel House Music, BMI

Way back in the mountains on the High Knob by the ridge
Grandpa built our cabin where he lived for forty years
I spent a happy childhood beneath the hardwood trees
I didn't know what I had then was all I'd ever need

Mountain laurels blooming, it was early in the spring
Looking out my window on a sea of endless green
Rich man from the city came to buy our land today
It took two hundred years to grow, but it's gone in thirty days


Mud slides down the mountain, there's no way to stop the flood
Hills without their timber's like a man without his blood
Scars upon the land, those wounds will never heal
But a greedy man will never get his fill

(repeat chorus)

I can't go back and I know I never will
I hope someday they know the way I feel

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