Between The Rows

Shawn Lane, Chad Lane/Cat Town Music, BMI


I remember my Dad saying "Get up, it's morning, son
Get your brother, too, we've got to get some work done."
We'd dread the next ten hours then to the fields we go
I'd cuss the mules as Dad was saying, "Stay between the rows."

Back when times were good and times were bad
Daylight would fade and we'd always be glad
To get back to our pillows and dream of where we'd go
To find a better way, a little brighter day
Just to find the best times we had
Was out with Dad between the rows

My dad worked the farm for sixty years before he died
And even before that day, I'd look at him and cry
'Cause I knew he never had that much and probably never would
But now I see he had more than a man now ever could

(repeat chorus)

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